Centrum Artystyczne Fabryka Trzciny Sp. z o.o.

Fabryka Trzciny


Fabryka Trzciny Art Center is a place for people with the same blood flowing in their veins - with similar interests, similar way of being, education. For people, who speak the language a bit more literary than that which is spoken on the streets or in the media. For all those who feel a need of participating in cultural life.

Wojciech Trzciński

A special venue was created in September 2003 at Otwocka Street 14, in the Old Praga District. So right-bank Warsaw has its first private cultural center – the Fabryka Trzciny Art Center.

The Fabryka Trzciny Art Center is a comprehensive cultural and educational facility offering a variety of artistic activities, including theatrical plays, exhibitions, music festivals, concerts, lectures.

The great variety of their offering combined with organization of interesting, uncommon events, training sessions and conferences, is what really counts.

That unique climate Fabryka Trzciny owes to the original merging of tradition and modernity, post-industrial cut and artistic avant-garde.

The Fabryka Trzciny Art Center is located in an old, revamped factory in the Warsaw Szmulki Area, at 14, Otwocka Street. Factory bulding (built in 1916) is one of the oldest post-industrial objects in the right-bank part of Warsaw. Previously the building was used for production of marmalade, canned products, and finally as the seat of the Polish Rubber Industry, with its Polish acronym “PPG” giving the famous name “pepegi” to its sneakers production.

Interiors still show the old architecture. Raw walls, spider nets of cables, machinery and objects from the old factory underline uniqueness of this venue.

Fabryka Trzciny took its name from its founder, Wojciech Trzciński – composer, music and TV producer.
It took almost two years to adapt the old factory buildings to needs of the Art Center. Over 3000 sq.m. of surface was re-vamped.

Architectural concept and interiors of Fabryka Trzciny have been designed by architect Bogdan Kulczyński together with Joanna Kulczyńska and Agnieszka Chmielewska.